Star Trail, Nightscape, Meteor & Misc. Images - Gallery II
Lighthouse Moon

Conjunction Sequence

Triple Conjunction

Galaxy Rise

Mercury at Dusk

Orion Nightscape

Star Trails

Star Trails

Nauset Stars

Star Trails

Star Trails

Milky Way

ISS Pass

ISS Pass


Sierra Night Sky

Milky Way

Star Clouds

Milky Way

Milky Way

Milky Way

ISS Flyover

Discovery Launch

Endeavour Launch

Moonlit 130EDF

Orion's Sky

First Light

Brant Point

Night Power

Abandoned Past

No Parking

Night Guardian

Night Shacks

Gas Stop

Waiting for Summer

Zodiacal WSP

WSP Imaging

Men in Red

WSP 2006

Southern Cross

Eta Carinae Sky

All Night

Night Activity

Rising Summer

Orion Setting

Palen Polar Trails

Sox Eclipse

Under the Dome

Fisheye Trails

Milky Way Trails

Polar Trails

Dipper Trails



Nobska Moonrise

Race Night

Race Point Moon

Moonlit Lighthouse

Newport Night

Sierra Moonlight

Night Boats

Sailing Moon

Stage Moon

Nauset Night

Highland Moon

Chatham Moon

Leonid Dawn

Lone Leonid

Orion's Trucks

Palomar Winter

Canyon Night

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