Object: The approach of totality during the August 11, 1999 total solar eclipse
    Exposure: Six 1/125 sec exposures
    Lens: Nikon 24mm @ f/11
    Mount: Fixed Tripod
    Film: 35mm Kodak Ektachrome E200. Greyscaled in Adobe Photoshop 4.0
    Location: Cornwall, England
    Date: 8/11/99
    Comments: This sequence of six images shows the effects of decreasing sunlight during the total solar eclipse of August 11, 1999. In order to show the darkening sky and landscape of our eclipse site in Cornwall, each image was taken with the same exact shutter speed and lens f/stop. In this case, each image was a 1/125 sec exposure at f/11 with a 24mm Nikon lens. Thus, the exposure was not adjusted for the falling light levels. From left to right, the following phases of the eclipse were in progress - 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 85% and totality! Unfortunately, as one can see in the images, the sky was overcast during most of the eclipse. Totality was not observed or photographed.

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