Mt. Whitney

Sierra Nevada, California

June 25, 2014

A personal challenge to summit one of the highest mountains in North America at 14,505 ft (4421m) in one day.
Sunrise on Mt. Whitney from the Owens Valley

Dad at the Whitney Portal Campground... colortini time!

Me and Dad

Starting the hike at 3am

Looking back at Lone Pine Lake before sunrise

Entering the Whitney Zone

Dawn colors above Lone Pine Lake

Early morning - looking east towards the Inyo Mountains

Near Big Horn Park

Dawn light on the peaks above Big Horn Park

The Whitney Needles coming into view at dawn

Big Horn Park

Morning at Big Horn Park

On the trail near Big Horn Park. Elevation 10,400ft

Our first view of Consultation Lake. Elevation 11,700ft

Bob at Consultation Lake

Consultation Lake at 11,700ft

Mt. Muir(14,018ft) and the Whitney Needles above Trail Camp


Trail Camp at 12,023ft

Starting the 99 switchbacks looking down at Trail Camp

Our first encounter with snow on the trail. Elevation 12,600ft

The Cables at 12,700ft

Bob at The Cables. Wotans Throne on the far left

Halfway up the switchbacks looking east towards Wotans Throne and the Inyo Mountains.

The east face of 14,018ft Mt. Muir from the switchbacks

Me on the switchbacks with Consultation Lake below.

Those brutal 99 switchbacks.

The first view of Mt. Whitney in the distance, right of center

Mt. Muir and Mt. Whitney from the switchbacks, elevation 12,900ft.

Trail Crest at 13,600ft

The crest of the Sierra at 13,600ft and the boundary between the Inyo NF and Sequoia National Park.

Looking west from Trail Crest with the Kaweah Range in the distance and the Hitchcock Lakes below.

Entering Sequoia National Park

Looking east from Trail Crest to the Owens Valley and Inyo Mountains.

All smiles after reaching Trail Crest and having lunch.

Only 1.9 miles to the summit.

Between Trail Crest and Mt. Whitney.

The gently sloping west side of Mt. Whitney.

The first "window" between the Whitney Needles around 13,800ft.

The second "window" between the Whitney Needles.

The back side of the Whitney Needles around 14,000ft.

Looking north across the Sierra just below the summit at 14,300ft.

The Smithsonian Hut near the summit.

Signed the summit register!

The Smithsonian Hut was built in 1909.

This tablet marks the highest trail in the United States but indicates an older less accurate elevation.

The Mt. Whitney benchmark.

Looking north from the summit block at 14,505ft! 14,389ft Mt. Williamson just left of center.

At the summit!!! Yahoo!!!

Looking west from the summit.

Bob on the summit block.

Me on the summit of Mt. Whitney, 14,505ft!!!

Thank you Koko FitClub!

Looking south from the summit.

Another view to the west with the Smithsonian Hut and Kaweah Range in the distance.

Decending from the summit on west side of the Needles.

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